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Kool-Aid Squeeze-It Thingies. - da dandruff crew [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
da dandruff crew

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Kool-Aid Squeeze-It Thingies. [Feb. 24th, 2005|06:28 pm]
da dandruff crew


They're awesome, I say! I had this Berry Blue flavor one today, and it was great. Even though it was a little warm from Walgreens, I thought it was pretty great. Here's a list of what I like about them:

-The cool bottle shape makes it easy to hold.
-The odd colors makes it more inviting to consume.
-The interesting font on it makes it seem fun.
-The bottle's aerodynamics make it fun to try and take swigs.
-Kool-Aid is fun to say.
-Squeeze-It is a retro thing, so when it's made modern, it's even cooler.

Vintage, yo.

Go drink some!