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hypothetically.... [Jan. 21st, 2005|06:50 pm]
da dandruff crew
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Finals!! They are le over!!! Weeee!!!!

yeeeeeee hawwwwww!!! okay that was lame, but whatever. I can yee haw when ever the fuck I want, so there. I'm not failing Spanish horribly anymore, but that's only because the substitute gave us all a major break. This is her last day which I'm not too upset about. I wasn't particularly found of her, I don't know why. She was nice to me, and gave me some what of a break when she let me make up all the work I missed. Ah well, at least I passed. I wish I could say the same for Math and History. Whoops! :D I'm going for the 5 year plan. Things are certainly looking up with David, I'm very happy with our relationship. He's the absolute sweetest guy ever. Friends are cool, I hung out with Cameron for the first time in forever today. I miss Jonny terribly, I haven't seen him since new year's day. le saaaaaaad... Well, tonight looks like it's going to be another boring night with la familia.

Hope your Friday night is everything mine isn't. <3!!



From: ashleys_nigguh
2005-01-22 03:50 am (UTC)
I miss you terribly as well! /cries
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